Hotel Night Audit Reports


A Brief Tour of Hotel Night Audit Reports.

Watch the video for a brief tour A set of test data has been generated for you to illustrate how Reports work. You can add as many rooms and bookings as you need to test our platform. The charts and graphs will be updated with new data as continue with your demo "in other words more data more graphics".

Responsibilities of a Night Auditor

  • Taking over from the last shift.
  • Checking-in or checking-out the guests after 11:00 pm at night.
  • Registering the guests.
  • Reconciles all front office cash counters/accounts
  • Allocating accommodations to the newly checked-in guests.
  • Settling transactions in the newly created guest accounts.
  • Verifying guest folios.
  • Verifying guest folios.
  • Etc.